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govr. of SikkimBalmiki Prasad Singh was born on 1st January, 1942 and was brought up in Bihat – a large village on the bank of the Ganga in Bihar. He had no formal schooling and was admitted to Class 8 at the age of 8 in his village school, i.e. Mahatma Gandhi High School. He was subsequently educated at the Universities of Patna and Oxford. At the age of 19, he became a Lecturer in the Post-Graduate Department of Political Science of Patna University. It was from this University that Mr. Singh had secured record marks standing first class first and was awarded several gold medals. Later he was also educated at Oxford University, UK. more

Balmiki Prasad Singh

Balmiki Prasad Singh

B.P. Singh is the author of the Bahudha Approach , which outlines a path towards a harmonious world, as against the clash of civilizations.

B.P. Singh: “Pluralism could be the closest equivalent to Bahudha in the English language. But Bahudha is more than pluralism. For, the Bahudha approach is both a celebration of diversity and an attitude of mind that respects another person’s point of view. Dialogue is central to this approach.” (Bahudha and the Post 9/11 World)

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