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“India is a great nation with a very rich culture, heritage and philosophy. It is important to combine these values of tradition, with the technological and scientific development. B.P. Singh is a person who has attempted to translate the lessons of this culture into his life”.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama,
Nobel Peace Laureate in a speech at New Delhi on June 11, 2003.

As the Executive Director of the World Bank (1999-2002), B.P. Singh served as the ambassador extraordinaire for the global poor.

Jim Wolfensohn,
President, World Bank.

Shri B.P. Singh’s dedication and service to the community is in itself a religion. His contribution in the field of Indian education and culture are outstanding and well-known to everyone.

Samdhong Rinpoche
Kalon Tripa (Prime Minister), Tibet.

Balmiki Prasad Singh belongs to a rare multi-dimensional intellectual species whose breadth of vision transcends the constructions of discipline or employment: the multi-disciplinary scholar. By primary profession and career, he is a child of the elite bureaucracy of India: the I.A.S. Indeed, B.P. Singh’s competence has earned the highest prizes that the Indian Administrative Service can bestow. Yet, his richness of mind and curiosity of intellect has taken him well beyond the confines of public administration. His scholarship embraces many areas – history, sociology, economics, culture, ecology and international relations- areas in which his books and other writings have made significant impacts.

Ralph Buultjens,
Professor at New York University and
former Nehru Professor at the University of Cambridge, UK.

Mr. B.P. Singh is most versatile among civil servants of independent India. He is natural with the poor and their representatives, at ease with the rich and mighty, popular among writers and creative minds, international civil servants and armed forces. The disadvantaged and under-privileged in particular have always looked up to him for help and guidance and gave him their love, trust and wisdom. Mr. Singh has held powerful positions in Government with ease and aplomb; for pursuit of ideals has always occupied higher place in his scheme of things. He, therefore, worked for the country irrespective of consequences to himself or to his family.
Mr. B.P. Singh’s works help in building a dynamic and responsive society- a society throbbing with hope and laughter.

Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak,
Founder President, Sulabh International Social Service Organization

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